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The Pink Marine:
My Marine Corps Boot Camp Story is in stores now!

I am one of the few, the proud, the Marines -- and the published!

My memoir, The Pink Marine, loaded with U.S. Marine Corps boot camp stories, is out and available to buy. I appreciate your support.

What the hell was I thinking, enlisting in the most elite branch of the U.S. military?! First, I'm gay. Although we do love the best of everything.... Second, you'll understand once you've read the book.

An Idiot's Guide To Surviving A Heart Attack

I run at 100 miles per hour.

One day it comes to a halt. My phone rings—which always freaks me out. I think my phone is only a camera or a way to demand a car. I look at the screen and the name seems kinda familiar…

So You Want to Write For Television?

When it was time to bring my book of Marine Corps boot camp stories to market, I went into U.S. Marine mission-mode and sought out the best expert. I looked to publishing guru Jane Friedman. Of course I was star-struck talking to Jane, but she made me comfortable and confident about my book's future.

Once my book,The Pink Marine, was finished, Jane asked me to write a guest post on her blog that examined the differences between writing for televisions (my area of expertise) and writing a book (her area).

Once I stopped screaming in a high pitched squeal, I wrote this piece:

Book Reviews: Q and A With the Author of The Pink Marine

Greg Cope White, author of The Pink Marine, recently sat down for an interview with legendary journalist Barbara Winfrey* to talk about his new book of Marine Corps boot camp stories.

As Greg joined Barbara on the sofa he offered her a plate of his stunning, made-for-this-interview curried chicken salad. Once Greg was sure his hair looked great on camera, he motioned for the television crew to help themselves to the buffet.

*an entirely fictitious person with a name that Greg made up based on no one in real life and a name that in no way can get Greg in trouble. 

Social Media: Twitter Is A Hungry Bird

I got turned down for a job for not having enough Twitter followers.

When did invisible social media become the indivisible job deciderer? I thought a resume, experience and references made me an attractive candidate. I had no idea that my popularity in the ethosphere impacted how well I might perform for an employer in the real world.

Here's To The Ladies Who Write

Sometimes I write wrongs, other times I type it out of the park -- but never without help. Vicki Abelson runs a salon supporting women's writes. It's with these forums that the novel waiting for you to buy (and relate to) will bubble to the surface.

I'm long aware that women do more, read more, sing more, take care of things way after most men who fall asleep with one hand on the remote and the other scratching a dangling... participle.  Vicki invited me to read a couple of my stories.

I came with these two in tow -- one about keeping lofty expectations in check, and the other about unpreventable loss.

If me acting them out in verbal dance isn't enough, you can click these links and read 'em and weep.

If you watched the video and wonder what happened to Lorenzo -- he came back to me. Well, he returned to Los Angeles. I haven't decided whether to call him; time heals all wounds, including bad haircuts. The tree of life is wisely stocked with gorgeous apples, but if you want your Prince to come, someday you'll have to head to the orchard and climb a ladder -- the tastiest mates are on far out branches but worth the effort.

Reach for the stars. I did , and my book The Pink Marine is in stores now!

Happily ever after is real.