Greg Writes/Entertains So You Don’t Have To!

A card-carrying member of the Writer’s Guild (ask to see his card when you hand him a check), Greg’s a produced television writer. He also steps in front of the camera and hosts.

He Writes.

He writes television, film, and articles for publication. Sitcom training allows him to speak in any voice you need. He's a member of The Association of Food Journalists and James Beard. He's written scripts for product launches, speeches for award recipients, articles for Huffington Post and Good Men Project Magazine, and most recently, The Pink Marine, a memoir of his time in the Marine Corps.

Veterans Writing Project and Military Experience and the Arts include chapters from his memoir in their 2014 print editions of collected short stories – he’s honored, and bought 5 copies for his mother. 

He Hosts.

He's a contributing host on Cooking Channel's Unique Sweets.

He demonstrates his mad skills on his reel.

He did a talk show on YouTube, Let’s Make Eggs!

He hosts Red Carpet Events.

He Competes.

He competed on the TNT hit show On The Menu with Emeril Lagasse.

And runs the Spartan Race...

He Creates.

He designed a menu for an event surrounding Giorgio Armani’ s new line of fragrances, Prive, then wrote and delivered the descriptions of the food paired with the perfumes to the audience.

He was invited to read his short stories to a writer’s salon, Women Who Write. Maybe it's the hair.

Memorial Day 2014, he performed the opening chapter of his new memoir at the legendary comedy venue UnCabaret.

He Reviews.

Food and travel are what Greg loves. He writes about, and reviews, hotels and restaurants worldwide and when he's not doing it for himself or HuffPo is engaged by PR firms to write articles for their clients. He uses his unique voice to make business' shine in an unbiased light – just the way you need.

Sample reviews:  Nobu Malibu | Bouley NYC

He Speaks.

He confidently performs any material in front of a large group. He delivers the words you need at a fraction of the cost of your mental anguish.

* * *

Please don’t ask him to sing or tap dance. Trust us. But do ask him for the following:


If you have a product or service that you think Greg would love, please contact him using the form below. Please note that he can’t guarantee a story, or feature because he doesn't accept payment for reviews.


To schedule Greg to liven up your event as a judge, speaker, reader or host, or to interview him to discuss his book, contact his manager, Don Carroll at (323) 462-7100 or doncarrollent (at) or his agent Babette Perry at Innovative Artists (310) 656-0400.  Greg has lots of clothes, kisses babies, and doesn’t make a mess.