Book Reviews: Q and A With the Author of The Pink Marine

Greg Cope White, author of The Pink Marine, recently sat down for an interview with legendary journalist Barbara Winfrey* to talk about his new book of Marine Corps boot camp stories.

As Greg joined Barbara on the sofa he offered her a plate of his stunning, made-for-this-interview curried chicken salad. Once Greg was sure his hair looked great on camera, he motioned for the television crew to help themselves to the buffet.

*an entirely fictitious person with a name that Greg made up based on no one in real life and a name that in no way can get Greg in trouble. 
BW: Wow, this chicken salad is splendid. What's your recipe?

GCW: You're so sweet. But don't make me ambush you Barbara. As a Marine, I can. I will share with you, and the millions who watch this, that I soak the raisins in brandy first. So you might be a little buzzed. 

BW: Yum. Ok, so you've written one of the most moving, hilarious memoirs I've ever read. Actor David Hyde-Pierce said about it, "A great story beautifully told -- surprising, funny, courageous and inspiring." Wow. 

GCW: He blew me away with that kind review. 

BW: Tell me, why write this book of boot camp stories now? 

Barbara holds up the book. From her hands, we can see that she's aging well.

GCW: I love that today, gays can serve in the military, and that our young people have equality clubs in school. That's progress, but bullying still exists. We continuously have a battle going on. I wrote this book to chronicle a time in our LGBT civil rights struggle before there were parades. Remember that it hasn't always been "in" to be "out".  

BW: You're telling me. Is there pickled eggplant in this salad? I'm completely mesmerized.

GCW: Guess all you want, but I held Top Secret clearance in the USMC honey, so I ain't giving up my recipe. 

BW: Geez. What do you think straight military service men and women  -- former and active -- will think of your book?

GCW: My publisher bought The Pink Marine because it's the first gay military memoir he'd read that doesn't denigrate the military. I couldn't do that. As horrible as stories are about people getting kicked out because they're gay, that's not my story. I had a positive experience, and learned so much. And I've written an accurate, honest, depiction of boot camp, one that anyone in the military can relate to. Civilians will find themes they recognize too. It has comedic moments because humor can be found even in that extreme environment. Did you read what Kirkus Reviews said?

BW: I did and can't wait to read it again. Thank you Greg. I think we're done. 

GCW: Aren't you gonna ask me what kind of tree I'd be?

BW: You're not Streisand, kid. Just give me the salad recipe. 

GCW: (indicating) You have a little bit of half yogurt, half mayo on one of your chins.

She stands, removes her microphone, drops it like it's hot, and exits. Greg looks around, a little panicked. He shoves his hand between couch cushions.

GCW: (to camera crew) I think she stole my fork.

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  1. You shouldn't post these commentaries to be read while I am drinking my morning HOT coffee! Chorltes, snorts and giggles! XXOO WM- Brookmede

  2. You shouldn't post these commentaries and blogs while I am sitting down for my morning HOT coffee. Chortles, Snorts and Giggles! XOXO - WM - The Farmer's Wife


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