#YouTube - My Cooking and Talk Show: Let's Make Eggs!

I open an email from a great friend, David Youse. He needs three million dollars to open a play on Broadway. I wish I had the money -- he's a proven producer.

As I drive along Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, I pass Johnny Carson's former compound.  I think, WWJD (What Would Johnny Do)?

He'd have David on his show. The exposure would send the money flowing in, very much like the ocean waves on my left. I drive on, chuckling. If only I had a talk show.
I imagine guests sitting at my kitchen counter of a couch, pitching their project. I listen, jump up, clap my hands and proclaim, "Let's make eggs!"

I crack up at the idea, and with YouTube -- I can have a talk show.

I call Taylor Negron to star in the first episode. Kelly Hommon of My Talk Show fame agrees to direct. Show day, Taylor brings his song-writing partner, Logan Heftel.

"Logan wrote you a theme song, it's yours for the entire series," Taylor says. "Can you make us some coffee?"

 "You bet," I say. I'm thrilled.

Something goes wrong with my coffee maker. Coffee oozes all over my counters like ink spilled on paper. Hot coffee drips not in the pot but onto the floor. All I think is, We're about to film in here. And I'm supposed to know how to cook.

They sit in my orange living room as the show's Green Room prepping. This is the one moment I wish Hollywood folk to be self-absorbed as I casually mop up the coffee that exploded all over the kitchen counter.  I hope they don't see me when I pour the little bit that landed in the pot, through a tea strainer and into cups.

I serve the coffee with a napkin. "You might find some grounds in here," I warn.

So David Youse, I do have a show. Come on and let's promote yours. And Let's Make Eggs!

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