Canada vs. America: Tie The Love Knot

man in fur hat
How do you know when you find the perfect mate?

My other half is so perfect that it seems, to those who haven't met him, that I've made him up. The fact that he lives in "Canada" makes him conveniently, possibly, a legend in my own mind.

But like Teri Hatcher's rack, he's real and he's spectacular. Once we experienced the thrill of love at first sight, we settled down to get to know each other.

"Where do you see yourself living in five years?" He wanted to know. 

I was honest. "I'm in spring chicken's waning shadow sliding into tough old bird. So...I'm hoping to just be living."

"What's your favorite vacation spot?" he asked.

"All of them. The world's an oyster, right?" I asked back. 

"What's your favorite food?" he wondered. 

"There's not one food I don't like, that I've tried," I said, proudly. "Except fennel," I added.

On our next date, he handed me a little cellophane bag of what looked like dried tortellini. I hoped he didn't expect me to cook on the spot; I was saving that for marriage.

"Love knots. Laced with fennel," he said.

I cocked my head toward the sun, hoping to intensify my eye's blueness. I needed to distract him from the lunacy of offering me fennel.

"Wouldn't it be great to say you liked every food?" he slyly smiled.

And that's how I knew.

We constantly cross borders to see each other. We didn't anticipate our respective governments limiting our time in each other's countries. America spent a lot of money training me to be a Marine. They effectively taught me to conquer an objective, strategically -- and emerge victorious.

I hate to fly; but it's easier for me to get into Montreal. America isn't as welcoming to Canadians as they are us. U.S. Customs agents haul him away from the immigration line and interrogate him for hours, fearful he's coming into the US to take a job. If they'd let me go back with him I'd set them straight.

"Don't worry, he doesn't want a job in Canada, much less here. He's only after a tan," I'd say.

The Marines made me tireless but I get impatient. Canada and the U.S. need to call a truce to their hundreds-year-old feud and merge. Invite Mexico and we create a super-continent that can defeat China.

Canada's freezing; but embraceable. I don't mind the cold. Because it gets warmer.

It gets better.

And I case you didn't know, love knots laced with fennel are delicious.


  1. Beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loving beau.

    1. Thank you Vicki, here's to me wishing that to you next....

  2. I have to be Anonymous because it is just easier than trying to find my pass codes.Happy Valentine's Day .It takes a poster and a deleter to create a great balance and the perfect couple.The Happy HomeMaker and KTLD

    1. Your stories about every day being special and none necessary to buy a gift constantly inspire me. Ferrari Tuesdays is a better concept.

  3. I had a feeling you had the potential to become a fennel convert. Glad to have you on board. Enjoyed meeting you at the San Francisco Writers Conference and truly appreciate the photo taking! Very generous. Looking forward to your book :)

    1. Thank you Lisa! The conference was am exciting, full buffet, and your course is being digested now. More please!

  4. Love your writing style.
    Now I'm itching to get these love knots laced with fennel!
    Where will I find them???

    1. Thank you Coco! Here's a link that might help:

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