Here's To The Ladies Who Write

Sometimes I write wrongs, other times I type it out of the park -- but never without help. Vicki Abelson runs a salon supporting women's writes. It's with these forums that the novel waiting for you to buy (and relate to) will bubble to the surface.

I'm long aware that women do more, read more, sing more, take care of things way after most men who fall asleep with one hand on the remote and the other scratching a dangling... participle.  Vicki invited me to read a couple of my stories.

I came with these two in tow -- one about keeping lofty expectations in check, and the other about unpreventable loss.

If me acting them out in verbal dance isn't enough, you can click these links and read 'em and weep.

If you watched the video and wonder what happened to Lorenzo -- he came back to me. Well, he returned to Los Angeles. I haven't decided whether to call him; time heals all wounds, including bad haircuts. The tree of life is wisely stocked with gorgeous apples, but if you want your Prince to come, someday you'll have to head to the orchard and climb a ladder -- the tastiest mates are on far out branches but worth the effort.

Reach for the stars. I did , and my book The Pink Marine is in stores now!

Happily ever after is real. 


  1. I love what you read. I love how you read it. I love how you write. I. Love. You.


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