I Am The New Normal - Barren But Blessed

It takes a bold move to convince masses of humanity to accept a different way of life. We can always ask ourselves, WWJD?
Love and acceptance are ancient ideas, expressed by heroes through brave acts, in poems, art and song. Although John Lennon wasn’t killed for what he believed in, he left us with a permanent wish, Let It Be. If only that song were around to play (or prevent) during the ultimate sacrifice for one’s beliefs, the crucifixion of Jesus. 

Last week athlete Chris Kluwe came out strongly in support of gay marriage. Sure he had some stones thrown at him by the masses, but some of his fans are gay. They quietly and proudly waved a little rainbow flag in the privacy of their own homes. Both gays and straights were shocked to hear such a vehement defense of this lifestyle. His move sent Middle America agooglin’ lustful cockmonster.

Perhaps Kluwe can clue people in that everyone has the right to love whoever they want.

Most men have thought about sex with another man. Like right now. But everyone doesn’t act on it, thankfully. That would take the special right out of it. I love Prada; but I don’t want the whole world to wear it.  Eww.

Television stations in Utah banned the new show The New Normal before it even aired. The show centers around a gay couple’s surrogated-guide to parenthood. America’s bigotry is played by Ellen Barkin, who slurs “Just let me know if you’re pregnant, I’d like to send a congratulations card to Satan.”  She's telling us what to hate. And at the same time, she's telling you it’s okay to love me.

I always thought that I'd be a father. When I was in my breeding prime, the doors that I needed to walk through were closed. As I grew up, I met plenty of shameful “late in life ” or “mistake” babies.  As the rules of society soften, I now watch my gay friends create amazing families with their children, whether biological or adopted. To purposefully bring a life in this world is, thankfully, the new normal.

This societal shift that now allows same sex parenting, brought on by bold moves, has moved in an ironically obtuse line to my own life. The man I am is not dependent on reproducing children. I went a different direction and am not less of a man because I don’t have children. My biological clock ticked quietly inside, and I found happiness from loving five amazing nieces. Sure, when they were sticky I just handed them back to their parents. But at one’s wedding last month, her mother whispered to me, “It took all of us, didn’t it?”  That one moment was amazing recognition that my time as “merely an uncle” has more than satisfied my paternal instincts. And I don’t have to pay for anyone’s college.

I'm grateful for the heroes of Stonewall, and know that their public act of defiance allows my freedom. I walk tall everywhere I go and free and confident to go anywhere. If I find myself in a bad neighborhood, I'd try to blend in a bit, look less obviously rob-able --  out of my desire to not get killed. That’s not a sacrifice, that’s survival. I don’t need to jump on a cross, that’s very B.C. behavior in a P.C world.

I'm gay, but I'm also left-handed, a good cook, and a former U.S. Marine. I joined the Marine Corps because I wanted to. I had a terrific experience. I didn’t tell, but no one asked. Unless it was for a date.

Am I more of a man because I was a Marine? Well, I am not less I can assure you that.

Oscar Wilde said "Youth is wasted on the young". Beware of mass generalizations, he didn’t say all the young. There are plenty of heroes and always room for more. I can’t wait to see what’ s next.

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